Dream Big in Feathers

Total designs 65
Price $45.00

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Dream Big Panel Instructions

This is how I do the panels.
I use the panel, Batting and backing , called a sandwich, No stablizer, I hoop the sandwich 1 petal at a time, some times you can get 2 in a hooping, I have digitised the petals a bit smaller than the actual petals I found not all fabric panels are the same size and each person hoops a bit different. especially color changes and bolt You will be able to resize, stretch wider or taller or rotate to fit your panels petals.in your machine to get a good fit, all depends on what machine you have. For visual iedas see youtube.com and seach Dream Big Panels and name your machine. I could not possible give you better Instructions. Because of all the variables in the panels. I used a straight stitch for digitizing with back tracks so there is no jumps , and the sew outs are even all over, the designs allow you to resize, stretch, shrink etc in your machine there is 65 designs in this set. if you have a babylock solaris I can help with machine adjustments, as to panels the biggest problem is although the panels look alike they are not identical. each petal from one color or one bolt to another varies a mm or 2, Also the way one hoops makes a difference to size of each petal. Always hoop with the lettering on the salavage edge toward you. except in a couple designs will need to be at right angles to it for hooping and 1 about 30 degrees, be sure to cut your backing and batting about 4 inches all round bigger.. you will need this when hooping the edge petals So have some fun
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